Testing for Empty/Nil/Missing Source Nodes in BizTalk Maps

Re-posted from another blog – original publish date 27 Aug 2012

Scenario: You are mapping an optional node in your source schema to an optional node in your target schema. But… the target schema has stricter validation rules and cannot accept empty or “nil” nodes, whereas the source schema can.

By default, if the source node doesn’t exist, it won’t be output in your target. No problems there. But… what if the source node is empty or null?

Let’s look at this mapping example:


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MABS: Lessons in Configuring a (Service Bus) Queue Source

An excellent tip by Mark Brimble on how to avoid this trap when integrating Service Bus with MABS.

Connected Pawns

This weekend I keep on getting this error when I tried to deploy a Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services solution;

“COQueueSource deployment failed at ‘https://biztalksoa.biztalk.windows.net/default/COXmlOneWayBridge/sources/COQueueSource’.
Failed to connect to the ServiceBus using specified configuration.”


I also observed this error in the MABS tracking portal.


This error had me stumped for awhile;

  1. This had worked months ago when I had followed a post by Steef-Jan Wiggers. I had followed his pattern to the letter.
  2. I could use the same connection string in the Service Bus Explorer to connect to the same queue without issue.

The default authentication mechanism for Service Bus namespace has changed from ACS to SAS since I had last tried to use a Queue source and I wondered if this was the cause. I had created the service bus using powershell commands to make sure that the queue source could use ACS in its connection string…

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